Appivanhempien ABC – a comedy about surviving your in-laws


Sat 4 May at 19

Everyone knows them. Or has at least hear horror stories about them... the in-laws! Those lovely, horrible, know-it-all protectors of their children, dreaded by sons- and daughters-in-law.

How to safely approach your in-laws? Should you look your father-in-law in the eyes? What kind of flowers should you ABSOLUTELY NOT bring to your mother-in-law when you meet her for the first time? “APPIVANHEMPIEN ABC – 10 tapaa selvitä!” (“in-laws 101 – 10 ways to survive”) will hammer these and many other survival skills into your head a bit like your mother-in-law may hammer her point across with a powerful swing of her purse.

This stand-alone sequel to the hit comedy “Miehenkäyttöopas” gives you all the information you need to handle in-laws – and is suitable for everyone who is someone’s in-law!

The valuable lesson is directed by Kalle Lamberg and delivered by Jukka Rasila and Mika Räinä whom we already met in “Miehenkäyttöopas”!

Duration 2 h, incl. interval
Tickets EUR 24/22 + delivery fee (starting from EUR 1),


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