J. Offenbach: La belle Hélène (premiere)


Thu 16 Jan at 19:00

Other performances:
Sat 18 Jan at 19:00
Sun 19 Jan at 15:00

Rarely seen in Finland, J. Offenbach’s operetta La belle Hélène will be performed as a new Finnish translation. In this version directed by the highly productive Ville Saukkonen, the story is set in the fictitious kingdom of Sportian, where people compete not only in sports but also in beauty, love and TV game shows.

Composition                        Jacques Offenbach
Libretto                                Henri Meilhac

Chorus Menelaus
Orchestra Teatro Ensemble


Paris                                   Tero Harjunniemi
Menelaos                            Aki Alamikkotervo
Helena                                Kaisa Näreranta
Agamemnon                       Jussi Vänttinen
Orestes                               Eeva Semerdjiev
Calchas                              Rof Broman
Achilles                               Aarne Mansikka
Ajax 1                                 Tobias Lundell
Ajax 2                                 Janne Näreranta
Bacchis                               Linda Rolig
Parthenis                            Anni Niemelä
Leaena                               Keri Kallio

Tickets €44/40 + service fee (from €1), lippu.fi
Duration 2 h 30 min



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