Röyhkeyskoulu: Kuka mun päässä puhuu?

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Wed 11 Mar at 19:00

Jenni Janakka’s theatre tour, whose title translates as ‘School of shamelessness: Who’s talking in my head?’, takes a look at the world inside our heads. We do not always even notice who is sitting on our shoulders and shouting instructions at us in our daily lives – we imagine that we are independently responsible for our decisions. How does our culture echo in our skulls? 

Stand-up, theatre and music. Performed by writer and spoken word artist Jenni Janakka and Susanna Hyvärinen a.k.a. Sosié.

Playwright and director: Jenni Janakka
Sound design: Susanna Hyvärinen

Duration 1 h 35 min, incl. intermission

Tickets €28 + service fee (from €1), lippu.fi

Cloakroom fee €2


  • Theater, 
  • Culture
  • Leppävaara