The basic search function can be found on the top left-hand corner of the website. You can type one or more keywords directly into the search box. Click on Search to start the search.

  • When you enter multiple keywords, the system adds an AND operator between the words. The search function then looks for pages that contain both words.
  • You can use the * operator at the end of a keyword. This asterisk sign allows you to only search for a specific part of a word. For instance, health* returns pages concerning health centres and health inspections.
  • You can also place the keywords in quotation marks so that they are processed as a single phrase. The phrase must then be found on the pages exactly as you have entered it.

The website is available in three languages. The search is limited to the language version that you are using at the time.

The search also includes the contents of attachments (MS Office files 2003, 2007, 2010 and PDF files).

Extended search 

If you wish, you can extend your search using various criteria. The search options are displayed in the right-hand column of the Extended search page.

The search columns on the right also appear on the listing pages. The heading of the search function displays the field that has been selected by default (for example, news, event or project search).

The pre-selected field can also be removed and contents can be searched throughout the site. site is a pathway to other search services

You can also find other useful search services through the site, such as the Espoo City Service Index. Each of these search services works according to their own principles.